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Yogurt Parfait Delight! by Chef MiguelGuzman

This is a quick and easy recipe for breakfast or any time your craving something sweet! I love this recipe because the combination of yogurt and lemon absolutely amazing! You can add any fruit you want and or nuts as well. Try and use as many organic ingredients as you can and taste the difference! I used an Orange Ginger marmalade that I will post a recipe with more step by step pictures, as a sweetener but you can use any jam, jelly, or even sugar. Just keep in my to much sugar is bad for you! This recipe is great for two, and should leave you pretty satisfied and you might even impress someone! Enjoy!

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Prep Time:
10 min

Cook Time:
0 min


Breakfast & Brunch



1. Split all ingredients into 2 equal portions in cups or bowls(if you leave the nuts out, this recipe also makes a great smoothie! just add ice!) 2. Layer ingredients to your liking. I like to put my fruits and nuts first, I then drizzle a portion of lemon juice in each cup/bowl, and finally yogurt on top with safron sprinkled with a spoon of jelly. 3. Hide as much of it in your mouth, and store the memory of this delicious treat in the back of your head!


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